Charge what you're worth without fear.

Charge what you're worth without fear.

My story


Marina Stamos is a multiple 6-figure entrepreneur and globally recognized business coach/consultant, speaker, and business vlogger, primarily serving women-owned businesses (1 to 10 employees). Clients include CNN-contributor business owners, an Entrepreneur magazine “40 Millionaires Under 40” notable, coaches, consultants, and pro service providers, and a New York Times best selling author. 
She is also an Emmy-nominated former news television producer, and former head of STAMOS MEDIA, a communications, media and PR consulting firm, where she helped clients grow their business as they appeared everywhere from Philadelphia regional television to Entrepreneur and Oprah Magazine. 
Marina holds a Bachelor’s in psychology and a Master’s in education, both from the University of Pennsylvania. She lives with her husband, son and 5-pound poodle in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Emmy Awards (Mid Atlantic) Ceremony, 2001, with my news television colleagues.

Behind the scenes: Some of the happiest memories of my life were made in that wire-strewn control room.

The first time I became a sad statistic.

In my late thirties, I was semi retired and loving life! I was a TV producer for a live television talk show called PhillyLIVE, seen in five million homes in the Philadelphia region (we ran opposite Seinfeld reruns).
I was also developing real estate. I started from scratch and then quickly built a small empire, with $1.5 million in holdings. Life was great. But then, because I was too trusting and too naïve, I became a sad statistic of the 2008 economic crash.
I had a pile of maxed-out credit cards and was reduced to begging for loans from my friends. I went from flush and happy, to $180,000 in debt. 
Me! In debt. 
I was never “that person.” 
Until I was.
I was so beaten down, I would secretly hope that a bus would hit me so my family could collect my life insurance. But the bus never came.
So I had to keep going, for myself and my children’s sake, and dig deeper into my Media and communications work.
Then, my husband was laid off from his “steady” 20-year job. After I stopped crying, I went into action and created a multiple 6-figure business for him that grows every year.
Do you know how I used to find my clients (other than my husband)? 
By accident. 
For years, I would bump into a new person at a party and then book a new client. Even though I knew that was a terrible strategy, I was so confused about how to do real marketing.
The first times I tried to speak in public about my work, it was a trainwreck. People in the audience would look down at their phone to avoid making eye contact. 
I felt so trapped by fear that I did nothing. So not only was I failing to do the right thing for my business…I was also letting my family down.

About my family

My husband, son and I snapping a selfie in Athens, Greece.
At 41, I turned to in-vitro technology.
And welcomed my beautiful baby boy. 

The second time we became a sad statistic

We also have a daughter (my step-daughter) who is 19 years older than our son. Her name is Kate, and she is my husband’s child from his first marriage. His first wife was deceased when we married, and I became “mom” to Kate in every way
Kate was a bright, ambitious, amazing young woman. She loved to scuba dive and in 2008, she entered the Navy, where she served proudly on a carrier in the Pacific for six years. But in 2016, at the age of 30, Kate became a statistic of the opioid epidemic, and died of an accidental fentanyl overdose.
How could this be?
We are the most clean-living, organic-eating, hugs and kisses, stable family.
And we had an opioid user in our family?
Let alone an opioid death?


Aboard the USS Chester Nimitz, where she served proudly for 6 years. 

The lesson?

I wish I could say there is Hallmark moment, silver lining that came out of Kate’s death.
But when I try to take a lesson from her life, it would be this: She lived her big, crazy dream of serving in the military, on the water — a dream that she had from when she was a young teenager.
She made a big impact, doing something most people would not be willing to do, even while she was battling a horrific addiction. For 8 years, she served the cause of freedom, while living on the water (her favorite place). And that is her legacy. That was the big impact she made on the world before she left it too soon.
I knew I was meant to make a big impact on the world.
That’s when I realized that this couldn’t go on.
I had to say no to fear, confusion, and overwhelm. I had to stop lying in bed, having 4 am panics, wondering how is this my life?
Finally, I took a cue from my clients who invested in me and I invested in high-level coaching.
BIG AHA #1: Most of my problems arose because I was trying to do everything alone. 
BIG AHA #2: When I wrote down my process that I had used to help my clients, it was a simple repeatable process of building short-form talks that focused on inspiring four key emotions, and learning the nuts and bolts of the sales process that had previously been such a place of fear and resistance. 
BIG AHA #3:  I didn’t want to do one-offs as my sole focus any more.  I wanted to share what I had learned with a larger audience, and make it more accessible and affordable!  That’s when I created a coaching-consulting model — and MARINA STAMOS COACHING came to life.


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